1. All bidding is open to the public. Bidder/Buyer must be registered before they can place a bid on any other property.
    2. All property is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. No warranty is given either expressed or implied. It is important that Bidder inspect the Property and perform all due diligence before bidding. The Property has not been surveyed for the auction. If Buyer desires a survey, it will be at Buyer’s option and expense. If an actual survey shows greater or lesser number of acreage or footage, it will not affect the purchase. All information provided to purchase, including acreage and dimensions are believed to be accurate but are neither warranted nor guaranteed. The property is sold subject to easements, right of ways, zoning and restrictions of record.
    3. The property is being sold with no contingencies. Bidder agrees that no Employee, Person, Representative, Agent, Broker, or Seller has made any representation related to zoning, adverse physical conditions, environmental issues, or any other property or legal representation related to the offering(s).

      The Bidder must conduct their Due Diligence and Investigations on any of the issues material to the Bidder. A copy of the preliminary title commitment for the property will be available to the Bidder at closing.
      • These properties are offered together with improvements thereon “as is, where is”, with no warranty expressed or implied. Buyers are assuming any “Notice of Violation or Substandard” posted against the properties prior to the sale and after. The Seller, Seller’s Representatives, and Auctioneer make no representations regarding the properties offered for sale (i.e. square footage, zoning, etc.). Bidders must rely on their own inspections and research prior to bidding. No termite clearance will be supplied for these sales.
      • These properties are offered with no Minimum Starting Bid (unless specified on the Website) and no Asking Price, but, a “Suggested Opening Bid” however, the sales may be subject to the Seller’s Representative approval and confirmation.
      • If court confirmation is required, winning bidder is encouraged to attend the hearing to protect their bid.
    4. Realty Consultants of America, Inc., is acting as agent only for the Seller in this transaction. Realty Consultants of America, Inc., recommends that all Bidders confer with and/or seek qualified representation from professionals prior to making a bidding / buying decision.
    5. The final high bid on the property is irrevocable. The Property is offered on a cash basis and not contingent upon the availability of financing or for any other reason. Upon becoming the high bidder, Bidder will be required to sign a bid Acknowledgement, a Purchase Agreement, and Wire a 10% non-refundable deposit to the Escrow / Title Company Account. Closing will take place no more than 30 (Thirty) days after the auction, unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Agreement. Time is of the essence.
    6. Realty Consultants of America, Inc., reserves the right to conduct the auction in an orderly fashion, without interference or nuisance. Conduct of an auction and increments of bidding are at the sole discretion of Realty Consultants. In case of a dispute among competitive bidders, Realty Consultants, may reopen bidding to identify the high bidder or may declare one as the successful bidder. Any and all decisions by Realty Consultants, shall be final. Depending on Hammer/Sales price, sale may be subject to bank approval.
    8. Realty Consultants of America, Inc, reserves the right to accept sealed bids, phone bids or online bids at the auction provided that the person submitting the sealed bid or online bid has qualified as a Bidder.
    10. Realty Consultants of America, Inc, reserves the right to cancel any bid at the auction that they considers to be fraudulent, unfair or not made in good faith or which could have an impact on the orderly procedure of the Auction.
    11. If the winning Bidder fails or refuses to purchase the Property, then at Seller’s sole discretion, the second highest bidder shall be named the winning Bidder and shall have the right to purchase the Property for the amount of the second highest Bidder’s bid.
    12. Bidders and Seller agree to indemnify and hold Realty Consultants of America, Inc., harmless from any claim arising out of Realty Consultants of America, Inc.’s use of the Property for the Auction.
    13. All of Seller’s disclaimers in the Purchase Agreement apply with equal force in this Bidder Registration agreement and are incorporated herein by reference.
    14. Buyer acknowledges in this Bidder Registration Agreement, that Bidder has read the above terms and conditions governing the sale of the real estate at public auction and agrees to be governed by each and all of them.

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