• We are an “Auction Company” that specializes in Real Estate and Charity Benefits, ONLY, since 2000. (Brokering since, 1975, Auctioning, exclusively, online , since 2014). We think our program is superior and more efficient, than ANY of our competition, because our longevity in the business aids you with our knowledge and experience, making us the “Premier Real Estate Auction Company” in the United States.
  • Real Estate Auctions, have become very popular, as a means of disposing of a large amount of “Unwanted Assets”, within minutes, NOT years. So, many companies have followed us, seeing our success, WITHOUT the depth of knowledge we have.
  • With us, Sellers pay 0% (zero percent) Commission, STILL, cooperating with ALL Brokers with exposure, via MLS and numerous “Social Media”, Website SEO, Online Classifieds and more, with our 44 years of “Proven Successful Marketing Tactics”.
  • We cover ALL 50 States in the USA. (so, we have a plentiful selection of properties). If you have an area, or type of property, you’ve been looking for, contact us and we’ll find it for you!
  • Bidders/Buyers pay, the customary, 6% “Bidder Premium” which is added to the “High Bid” becoming the final “Contract Price”.
  • We have experience with  ALL types of properties but, do best with 1 to 4 unit residential properties, selling, within hours to days (some properties have sat, unsold for years, prior to our involvement.) So, PLEASE register, so, we can text / email you soon. (We notify our “VIP’s”; first with new listings, as we get them, even prior to hitting the Website).
  • Please refer to our “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ), and “Terms and Conditions” to explain our procedures, in depth.
  • We do EVERYTHING from our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, with, the exception of the servicing handled by our Local Brokers and Title / Escrow Companies, in the area of the property.
  • We are proud of our closing ratio of 98%, striving for 100%. Our TEAM is the finest in the Business.
  • There are NO foolish questions, which, get prompt response, but, remember, tens of thousands of others are looking at your property, while, you are pondering.
  • Thank you and enjoy the fun of the Auction Process.

(Don’t dawdle…Our properties move quickly)

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